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How to Install a New Plugin

How to Install a New Plugin

In this tutorial we’ll be looking at how to install a new plugin on your WordPress site. As an example, we’ll walk you through how to install a popular WordPress plug-in called WordPress SEO by Yoast. The process is the same for installing any plugin from wordpress.org. It’s super easy and can be done in a few simple steps as you’ll see below.

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress site
Step 2: Go to your plugins menu and select “Add New”
Step 3: Search for your desired plugin (in this case WordPress SEO by Yoast), and then click “Install Now”
Step 4: Once it has successfully installed, click on “Activate Plugin”
Step 5: Get started!

You are now ready to use your newly installed plugin. You can access and change the plugin settings by going to “installed plugins” (under the “Plugins” menu) and take it from there!

Two final things you should keep in mind when it comes to installing plugins:

Firstly, wordpress.org is a directory for thousands of free (and paid) plugins that you can use on your website. There are also many paid plugins available from other websites. It’s easy to get carried away with trying to improve the functionality of your site by installing heaps of plugins. Bear in mind, though, that plugins on wordpress.org have been tested, and if you choose to install plugins from other websites, you do so at your own risk. Make sure it’s a reputable company before you use their product.

You should also remember to always update your plugins. You’ll receive a notification on your WordPress dashboard if you have plugins that require updating. This might happen frequently, given