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Christmas Breakup and Max Keynote Video

AUGSA  |  Monday – December 5th, 2016  |  5:30pm, The Box Factory   Our final AUGSA meeting for the year will be an opportunity to get together and celebrate the year. We will also be showing one of the keynote sessions from the Adobe Max conference. As this is the last ... Read More

Adobe Lightroom CC Overview

AUGSA  |  Monday – October 10th, 2016  |  5:30pm, The Box Factory   We normally meet on the first Monday of the month, but Monday October 3rd is Labour Day. As Dennis was unwell last month he will be presenting his Lightroom talk on Monday 10th of October. It should be ... Read More

Adobe Lightroom CC Overview

AUGSA  |  Monday – September 5th, 2016  |  5:30pm, The Box Factory   Have you heard about Adobe Lightroom but weren’t sure how to get started? Well Dennis Zeitz will be presenting an overview at the next AUGSA meeting showcasing the main features and how it can work alongside of Photoshop. ... Read More

Data Merge Techniques

AUGSA  |  Monday – August 1st, 2016  |  5:30pm, The Box Factory   Colin Flashman demonstrates several InDesign Data Merge tips and techniques to create variable data projects that would normally require third party plug-ins. BIO Colin Flashman is editor of the blog “Colecandoo”, a regular contributor to InDesignsecrets and ... Read More

Adobe Spark with Tony Redhead

AUGSA  |  Monday – July 4, 2016  |  5:30pm, The Box Factory   Spark Overview This month Adobe launched a new suite of free apps called Adobe Spark, which allow both web and mobile users to create and share visual content – like posts for social media, graphics, web stories, and ... Read More

Adobe XD with Felescia Schemmer

AUGSA  |  Monday – June 6, 2016  |  5:30pm, The Box Factory   Ever wanted to get into user experience but don’t know where to start? Join Flik for a tour of the beta Adobe app XD. Like similar prototyping tools like Sketch and Pixate, XD provides a whole range of ... Read More

Practical Illustrator

AUGSA  |  Monday – May 2, 2016  |  5:30pm, The Box Factory   Following on from last month’s member showcase, we will be looking at Adobe Illustrator going through the steps used to create a logo and pop-out postcard. We’ll be going over the design process as well as specific tools ... Read More

AUGSA Member Showcase

AUGSA  |  Monday – April 4, 2016  |  5:30pm, The Box Factory   This month’s AUGSA meeting will be a “Member Showcase” with several members presenting a short insight into an aspect of their work. There’ll be something for everyone including poster design, t-shirt printing, use of scripts and a few other ... Read More

Adobe InDesign – Alternate Layouts

AUGSA  |  Monday – March 7, 2016  |  5:30pm, The Box Factory   This month we’ll be taking a look at Adobe InDesign. The first part of the night will be a short “Introduction to InDesign” for those new to the program, then we’ll jump into looking at one of the ... Read More

AUGSA- After Effects with Flik

AUGSA  |  Monday – November 2, 2015  |  5:30pm, The Box Factory   Flik (Felescia Schemmer) will be composing a moving 2D to 3D photo composition in After Effects. Using 3 photos to recreate a background, mid-ground and foreground, the photo will consist of a subtle movement to bring more life ... Read More