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Advertising Tips to make you Stand Out

Advertising Tips to make you Stand Out

There are many reasons why most advertising doesn’t work, but the real biggie behind bad ads is the boredom factor. Think about it. So much advertising is either nothing special or nothing new. You don’t advertise to blend in, you advertise to stand out. You want to stand apart from your competitors. And yet so many businesses fall into the trap of copycat marketing.

Consider this: consumers are exposed to approximately 1200 adverts a day.

Now consider this: consumers only remember five or six of these 1200 ads. (And that’s a generous estimation.)

The five or six ads that a consumer remembers are the ones that stand out and the ones which advertise a product or service that this potential customer is actually looking for.

Want to market memorably? Here are some simple guidelines to follow next time you put an ad together:

  1. Consistency is key. One-off adverts are rarely successful. It’s best practice to run ads for four or five weeks. Make sure to vary the content and position of your ads in your chosen publication.
  1. The 5 Ps: Prior planning prevents poor performance. Take time to plan and write your advert. Don’t rush this planning process—it will give your ad the best chance of working.
  1. Be the black sheep. Make a point of being different. Use a catchy headline that grabs the attention of your target audience.
  1. Less is more. Deliver your message in a few powerful words.
  1. Use your words A picture is worth a thousand words and is eye-catching. Economise on words and use graphics and images where possible.
  1. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Finish your advert with a compelling offer and a call to action. Encourage your target audience to call or buy. This is the point of running the ad in the first place, so don’t neglect this opportunity to convert customers.
  1. Colour is about ten times more visible than black and white copy. Use it to your advantage.
  1. Pay for prime positioning. Get your advert on the right hand side of a page and within the first eleven pages of a publication. This is where you will have the best visibility.
  1. Don’t be a copycat. If your ad looks like your competitor’s, you’re giving them the power to control your advertising. Plus, potential customers are going to find it hard to differentiate between your company and your competitor’s. You’ll be working against yourself and doing your competition a favour.
  1. Okay, you can be kind of a copycat (outside your industry). You don’t want to replicate an existing ad, but you can learn a lot from professionally produced adverts from other industries. Check out their layouts and design principles and poach the things that work. Remember to still make it your own.
  1. Test your ad. Get rid of what doesn’t work and keep testing until you find something that sticks.
  1. Improve your odds. Increase your chances of being seen by running multiple smaller adverts in the one publication.
  1. Track your success. Make sure each of your ads pays for itself. Those that do amount to free advertising, because the cost of the ad will be paid for several times over by the increased sales it generates.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you launch a new ad campaign and notice the results!