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Google Tips Seminar

Steven Ready regularly speaks at seminars, conferences and guest lectures at university.

His talk on Google Tips is always well received by attendees.
This is what they had to say about Steven’s presentation.

“Great job! I work in the area and still learnt and enjoyed. Steven is a passionate and generous technologist who speaks in plain English. Great work Digital Lamb”
– Geoffrey Kwitko | The Start Up Club

“Steven certainly understands websites and Google and simply explains for everyone to understand. ”
– Don Will | Corporate Forum

“Very clear and precise presentation. I am someone with limited web design understanding and this valuable information will help me improve my site getting noticed.”
– Jen Marin | Slack Taxi

“I did not realise how little I really know”
– Anonymous

“Very confident speaker. Clear and concise.”
– Gillian Ross | Silly Gilly

“Excellent presentation”
– Dennis Bunnik | Bunnik Tours

“Excellent up to date info, thanks! ”
– Anonymous

“Excellent. Very informative and straight to the point.”
– John Edwardson | Pelsys

“Great to have a speaker who does not need the microphone security blanket. Short, sharp, sweet and relevant. Thank you!”
– Paul Davies | Eve’s Gift

“I appreciate Steven’s time and effort, the session was interesting and enjoyable.”
– Anonymous

“Would love a follow up presentation on Google Tips going into more detail.”
– Robyn Clissold | Camatta Lempens

“Incredibly generous with very specialised knowledge. Thank you.”
– Julie Pieda | Koush Design

“Showed me how complex this is. Steven has explained the basics in a very short time available. Digital Lamb seems to be very professional company. Steven Ready is very nice and presentation clear in easy to understand language.”
– Marian Bunnch

“Knowledgeable – learning each time I attend computer training. Useful Google insight. Simple Google procedures.”
– Sandy Turnbull

“Very practical for businesses with websites… which is everyone!”
– Joseph Marafioti | Still motion

“Very well done. Short and sharp!”
– Michael Penck | Penck Design

“Really insightful. Worth it’s weight in gold.”
– Anonymous

“Really good and he told an interesting story in a funny way with good examples.”
– Linda Josquin | Vietnam Online